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A furnace keeps your home and family warm and comfortable through the cold winter months. Often times life gets hectic and we take for granted that comfortable environment we enjoy every day and all night. Here are a few tips and educational notes to keep you informed and your family safe!

Servicing-Cleaning & Inspecting:

  • Identify whether you have a gas or oil fired furnace.
  • Take note when it was serviced last.
  • Know where the gas or oil valve is in case of an emergency, or emergency switch.
  • Some thermostats have a 24v transformer some run on batteries (replace batteries if you have not in a while).
  • Make sure you have a trained professional service your gas or oil fired furnace. This will ensure your family’s safety and comfort.
  • A full service generally takes an hour to inspect, clean, and test your units efficiency. This could take longer depending on the age and condition of our equipment.

I’m thinking of replacing my Furnace:

  • First and foremost find someone who is properly licensed and insured to do the job. Ask for three references within the last 6 months, of whom the contractor installed equipment for.
  • Decide what is best for your needs. Furnaces come in a wide range of efficiency. Equipment with higher efficiency are usually associated with higher cost but will be an investment in the long run.
  • Can it be done in the middle of the winter? Of course professionals do it all the time. Usually it is a one day job.
  • Where can I go to learn more or receive a free estimate? www.abstractmechanical.com       youll find the answers, and if you have more questions call joe the owner @ 631-698-9600.

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