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There are many facets of HVAC. There are different types of systems. Which are classified by two primarily different ways. First the fuel they use for combustion, and secondly the method of delivery used to increase or decrease the ambient air temperature within a dwelling or building.

There are many ways we can heat our home but on Long Island most homes and buildings use Natural Gas, LP (propane), or oil to generate heat. There are alternate ways such as geothermal, heat-pumps, wood and pellet stoves, but the majority of homes and buildings use one of the three main fuels for combustion.

The delivery method of the heat or air-conditioning determines the type of system. A hydronic system delivers hot water from the boiler and circulate it with a circulator pump through radiators or radiant heat loops through a given area. Some systems also known as forced air systems use a heat exchange such as in a furnace. The heat exchanger reaches a certain temperature and then activates a fan or also known as a blower to move air across the heat exchanger and then distribute it through the house or buildings. Lastly, but least on the island is steam. Which is a hydronic system that changes the state of water to water vapor or steam to heat iron radiators.

What you need to know about any of these systems:

1- They should be inspected, serviced, and cleaned by a licensed and trained professional yearly.

2- Most forced air units have filters that should be replaced monthly on average. Some filter may last longer than 30 days.

3- Inspect your duct work for holes and leaks. Make the needed repairs.

4- Make sure they are clean to ensure a safe environment.

5- Inquire about many ways to improve IAQ. (indoor air quality)

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