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Long Island Oil Tank Specialists, Abstract Mechanical

Long Island & Suffolk County Oil Tanks

Many Long Islanders heat there home with oil and either have an Oil Tank in there basement, somewhere within there home, outside in-ground tank, or outside above ground tank. Generally oil tanks provide us with many years of service before some symptoms start to arise. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Oil tanks depending where they are located with in a dwelling or on our property have different life spans. Of course if there located in-doors, in cool dry location they are going to last longer then those tanks that are expose to the out door elements. Most oil tanks last well over 25 years before they need to be replaced. Look for signs of staining at the bottom of the tank , a little drip on the floor, is the tank not stable, is it constantly giving the furnace or boiler troubles. Its always best to consult a professional if your not sure of the condition.

2. I have an in-ground tank and want to install an above ground tank, what is the process, Are there different tanks? Abstract Mechanical handles the entire process from start to finish. First we decide on the type of oil tank best fits your needs. Next decide where to install it. There are tanks that are preferred for outdoor installations and have a better exterior coating and warranty. If you have an inground tank we can properly abandon it, or remove it entirely from the premises.

3. Will I be without heat or hot water while the tank is being replaced?
No worries, we are properly licensed and insured to do the job. Your homes cleanliness and safety is our top priority. We connect your heating equipment with a
temporary and proper day tank to keep them running while the installation is in progress.

4. What happens if my oil tank is full but needs to replaced, Do I loose the oil? Who disposes of the old oil tank? Abstract Mechanical is properly equipped to do the job correctly the first time. We have a special oil pump that has multiple levels of filtration. Oil water separator filter, another filter to remove sludge and debris, and the third to remove any bacteria in the water. We don’t pump the entire tank over of course. Sludge and water generally are at the bottom of the tank. Our specialized equipment pumps 5 inches off the bottom of the tank, ensuring a long life for your new tank. Abstract Mechanical removes the tank and properly disposes of it, or if we abandon your old in-ground tank we issue you a certificate of abandonment.

5.What happens if the oil tank just lets loose in the basement, house, or outside? Well, that’s not really something you want to find out. The environmental clean up could be extremely costly. If you fortunate enough, your insurance company will cover it, or some of it. It really depends on your homeowners insurance policy?

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