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Abstract Mechanical Recently Launches New Website to Showcase Product and Services

Recently Long Island Plumbers, Abstract Mechanical has launched a new website to display their services. Although owner Joe Graziano has over 15 years experience he has just recently opted to go through with building a website. Graziano teamed up with Long Island Web Design & SEO Company, Benjamin Marc to design, build and brand the new website for Abstract Mechanical.

A little history about Abstract Mechanical
Abstract mechanical specializes in a variety of heating and cooling needs. The highly popular Long Island Company, originated in 2006. With over 15 years of industry experience, the company is able to employ a highly skilled workforce whose training and reason ability is beyond match.

The New Website:

Benjamin Marc decided to go with a red, white and blue theme to brand the website around their logo. Besides the basic administration pages such as about us, contact us and testimonials. Abstract Mechanical wanted to make sure to give client a lot of information regarding heating and cooling. Here is a brief glimpse of some of the information viewers will find on the new site.
In terms of heating, they offer their clients a variety of different services such as, zone valves, circulators, radiant heat, thermostats and more. Despite there exceptional talent in all of these services and more, the benefits to their customers don’t stop there. Well versed in energy saving techniques, the company can help save clients money, significant amounts of money for that matter, on energy bills.
Another feature Abstract Mechanical implemented on the website is a coupons page. Abstract Mechanical is a firm believer on giving back so by doing their part they give monthly specials to their clients. One of the coupons is 200 dollars off of a boiler installation, and others for their clients. It is these types of friendly decisions that have allowed Abstract to develop a strong bond with their communities and clients that they serve.
Finally Abstract Mechanical lists their services so that customers will know that they do a lot more than just a average plumber. Here are some of the services that Abstract Mechanical services.

Air Conditioning
Filter replacements
and much more.

The new website is getting rave reviews from customers and overall was a great move for Abstract Mechanical. Recently Benjamin Marc wrote on their blog about their experience with Abstract Mechanical. " Working with Joe from Abstract Mechanical has been great, he is a good person and i am proud to say that i am now a client of his as well".

For more information feel free to visit their new website.

Abstract Mechanical
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